Case of upside down 


To all lovely& beautiful people out here 🤗

Case of upside down 

We all eagerly await for the moment’s…..which we want to live with our loved ones…….we plan every thing in a very sequential manner. ….

But it’s case of up side down. …….the planning beforehand just become a mess …….we may reach the edge of our success ……& suddenly all things change in few seconds. …….

“Some common wishes we all ended with somewhere sometimes from childhood to adulthood …..
 “To fly ……..ends at the edge of gravity”

“We promised to be best friends………. ended at the edge of hate”
“We wanted to be like are idols …….. but destiny played a game”
“We dreamed about our love …….. but we ended up finding it  wasn’t  made for us”
“We plan  to date someone  & he planned to date other one…….ends at finding someone we never imagined for but always wanted for”

Live your present moment to the fullest, no matter how things go…….because we never know what we are here for. …..

“From an egg….. to an ugly caterpillar who …….rested in a cocoon (like a dead piece)…….& got revived  in a beautiful butterfly.”


A contagious smile to who so ever read this   🤗 .

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26 thoughts on “Case of upside down 

      1. “We dreamed about our love …….. but we ended up finding it  was(wasn’t) made for us”

        “From an egg….. to a(an) ugly caterpillar who …….rested in an(a) cocoon (like a dead piece)…….& got revived  in a beautiful butterfly.”

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  1. The outstanding imaginery in this romantic love stuff is enhanced by your choice of heavenly metaphors blended with the rhythm and flowing from your heart..In other words I loved it 😊
    And yes one more thing I want to say that I really apologize for last time but I think u get me in a wrong way that time ….Coz one of your friend comment me in a very wrong way when I mistakenly ask a question I don’t know y u guys overthink but I respect each person😊 Anyways….I like to read your more stuffs ✌👍


    1. Thank you so much…..for exploring my stuff…..& no need of any apology…. pls! don’t digg d older stuff dude…..i usually don’t remember such type of thing’s…..😉
      N dt guy who commented…..yaa he’s my good frnd …..he was just concerned abt me…..i don’t think he did or commented ny thing wrong… took him wrong…..i think u are intelligent enough… differentiate d things….have a great day☺!!!!

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      1. Okay pal but I was just askd u and he said that “wt we do if she is on insta” I mean seriously wt he think about me I’m a guy who flirt wid girls or misuse anything……..If in my place some other person was there he also take this sentence in a way like I was 😂😂😂 seriously that was very weird……And yea I’m not a guy like that and I respect each and every girl ……. Anyways extremely Sorry Mr.Shivang5298 but I think the comment of blogger is important not any one else …..Have a great day to you too Mis.pal😊🤗

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      2. It’s bettr dude if we don’t dragg this matter anymore…….☺
        Leave it…..a humble request…..!
        It’s a post not a discussion corner…..n we all r mature enough…….
        Ur opinion matters but on the post …..don’t go for the side things 🤗


      3. First of all
        Dude we can use hindi it’s our मातृभाषा

        मैं आपसे तहेदिल से माफी मांगता हूं, मेरे उस दिन के दुष्ट व्यवहार के लिए।

        On that day, it wasn’t like whether we wanted to hurt you… Naah!

        But your weird comment made us to do that shit
        Btw leave it yr…
        You apologized n I too apologize
        Forget all that bullshit
        Stay calm n be happy 😉


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